Fill your Wallet
with dreams

Because together, we’ll go farther

Blue Air Wallet

Remember that piggybank you had a few years ago, with the label “Savings for my next trips” on it? Now’s the time to take it online and to turn it into your own Blue Air Wallet.
Wallbie, the Blue Air Wallet, is going to become your best friend, because you’ll get a bonus for each deposit you make.

Save money

The bigger the amount, the bigger the bonus. It’s that simple!

Book easier

Book your next flights in a few clicks and pay faster using the credit from your Blue Air Wallet.

1-year availability

Stock up with credit now and travel later. The sum from your Blue Air Wallet is available for one year, starting the day of your deposit.

Bonus Calculator

The bonus is calculated depending on the amount of money you choose to deposit on your Blue Air Wallet. Move the slider below to see how much you will get for the sum you decide to top up your wallet.

You pay:
You get:

Here’s how it works:

Enjoy the advantages of the Blue Air Wallet. Your next adventures are right around the corner!

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Activate your wallet

Your wallet will be automatically created the moment you make your first deposit. Just make sure you have a Blue Air account created first.

Deposit the sum you want, when you want

Whether you want to travel in a week or in a few months, deposit the amount of money you want. The more you deposit, the bigger your bonus is.

Travel as you wish

Tons of amazing Blue Air destinations are waiting for you. Which one will you visit next?

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